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GEFRAN’S activity is divided into four main areas of business

  • Sensors
    • Sensors are fundamental elements in the control of industrial processes. We design and produce sensors for measuring such variables as temperature, pressure, position, force and humidity. All primary sensing elements are manufactured by Gefran in its own clean room, environments that are protected from all types of interference and equipped with high-tech operating and control instruments.
  • Components for automation
    • The range of products for displaying and regulating process variables includes electronic microprocessor based controllers, indicators and power relays.
  • Systems
    • We design and develop turnkey solutions and supply machine manufacturers with a vast range of specific components such as central control units, operator interfaces, input/output systems, programmable logic controllers and industrial PCs.
  • Motion control
    • The acquisition of SIEI, a leading Italian manufacturer of electronic actuators for regulating motor speeds, AC, DC, servo products.
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